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Stubborn Fat | How to Reduce Stubborn Fat Non-Invasively

Stopping stubborn fat from shaping your future takes more than the weight-loss industry teaches. Their dime-store theories downplay the complex reality of human bodies and perpetuate myths about fat loss. We just need better education.

Hormones, gender, and genetics are factors that are not actively controlled. Instead, these factors predispose bodies to certain conditions. Your fat, particularly, has a “stretch factor” of its own nature. It is important to understand biology and physiology because your diet and exercise routines are based on that unique profile.

Read on to learn more about stubborn fat, how it forms, and how you can reduce it easily with CoolSculpting.

The Biology of Body Shape

An adult body out of puberty develops regular areas of the body where fat cells tend to hang out more than others. And the number of total fat cells in the entire body stops increasing. However, the total amount of fat cells remains the same, meaning that diet and exercise only influence the fat stored in those cells.

Genetic disposition and gender also affect how bodies turn out to be shaped. Most bodies gather fat cells in the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. For some, the fat tends toward the face and neck. More fat accumulates in the lower body as a predisposition to pregnancy.

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The Physiology of Fat

There are two types of fat cells: cells with more Alpha-2 receptors versus cells with more Beta-2 receptors. All fat cells have both receptors, but one dominates the other and makes those cells function in two different ways. Alpha-2 stores fat, and Beta-2 breaks down fat. A simple “calorie-deficit” mindset does not always account for these characteristics.

The adult body has developed typical spots where fat cells gather. It has also developed those cells to act as fat-storing or fat burning. Diet and exercise are external factors working on fat cells that innately resist diet and exercise. Thanks to modern innovation in science and technology, getting off that stubborn fat is safer and more accessible than ever.


Fat Reduction Options

Some fat cells actually reject healthy living, but there are surprising and straightforward solutions. Liposuction or Coolsculpting offers an effective, safe, long-term option for fat reduction. It does so by removing the entire fat cell, not by removing fat from the cell; fewer fat cells overall instead of less fat in those cells. This creates a long-term deficit in fat content by decreasing the number of cells in an area. This mimics the appearance of organic weight loss, getting fat off simply by choice instead of by trial or by dieting.

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