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What is Cool Sculpting?

CoolSculpting, or fat freezing, uses Cryolipolysis. This advanced cooling technology reduces fat safely, virtually painless, non-invasive method. In addition, it targets diet and exercise-resistant fat cells with ease.

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The cost for CoolSculpting varies per person. Treatments tend to start at $750. However, many factors make up the total price. There are also ways you can save on your cooling sessions.

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Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

CoolSculpting is proven to provide long-lasting results. Once the fat cells process out of the body, they cannot grow back or return. This results in long-term fat reduction. Patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle afterward to avoid gaining weight. Excess weight gain obscures CoolSculpting results.

Does CoolSculpting Work?

Yes, CoolSculpting works. It is FDA-cleared and scientifically proven as safe and effective. One study shows that CoolSculpting reduces fat by 25% at the treatment site.

Is CoolSculpting Painful?

CoolSculpting is a relatively tolerable treatment. At the beginning of the session, patients may experience a tugging sensation and a feeling of intense cold. The treatment area quickly becomes numb. Patients can relax and enjoy the duration of the procedure. Afterward, the technician massages the area for two minutes. Some people find this uncomfortable.

Can You Freeze Your Fat at Home?

DIY CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting at home is dangerous. It’s also ineffective. People trying to freeze their fat at home use ice packs to mimic the cooling technology of Coolsculpting. Not only does this not work, but it can also cause frostbite or thermal damage.

Is CoolSculpting Right For Me?

CoolSculpting is not suitable for everyone. It is a treatment for healthy men and women who diet and exercise but struggle with stubborn fat. CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment or a cure for obesity. The best way to determine if fat freezing is right for your body and needs is to schedule a complimentary consultation with a reputable provider.

When Will I See CoolSculpting Results?

People begin seeing CoolSculpting results within 8 to 12 weeks after treatments. Some people may see results sooner. Fat reduction continues for up to 6 months in some cases. As with any cosmetic treatment, results will vary.*

Do You Lose Weight With CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment. Instead, it is a fat reduction method. Unlike weight loss treatments that shrink fat cells, CoolSculpting removes the fat cells from the body using Cryolipolysis to freeze the cell. This results in visible, long-term fat reduction.

Is CoolSculpting Dangerous?

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared and scientifically proven. Adverse reactions or side effects are rare. The best way to ensure your safety is to select the best provider in your area who is a certified CoolSculpting provider. Always place provider expertise over price point.

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